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OddsTrawler is a powerful piece of software that will revolutionise the way you bet.

It trawls the bookies for you and churns out a constant stream of the very best bets available anywhere on the internet.

All you need to do is place the bets and collect the profits.

Two versions of the software are available...OddsTrawler Basic and OddsTrawler Pro.

OddsTrawler Basic trawls 37 bookies and 3 exchanges to find you the very best odds and deliver them back to you in the blink of an eye. It's a fantastic free resource that will really kick-start your betting profits.

OddsTrawler Pro is more advanced and offers the following fantastic benefits.

* ZERO ODDS DELAY - Odds updates for OddsTrawler Basic are delayed by 20 minutes. However, when you take an OddsTrawler Pro subscription, this delay is removed...giving you the very latest odds and putting you in pole position to make big profits.

* EXTRA FUNCTIONALITY - Both versions of the software will find matched betting opportunities & back/lay arbs...but OddsTrawler Pro will also find very profitable dutching / sports arbitrage opportunities. This feature alone can add hundreds of pounds to your weekly profit!

* EXTRA BOOKIES - OddsTrawler Pro trawls more bookies than OddsTrawler Basic. A greater selection of bookies produces a better choice of odds...which inevitably leads to bigger profits! OddsTrawler Pro trawls 47 bookies and 3 exchanges.

* FREE SUPPORT - Our dedicated support team is available 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have.

* EXCLUSIVE FREEBIES - We have a team dedicated to finding you the best special offers and freebies from all over the world. You will be emailed details of these fantastic offers and freebies as soon as they are found. In the past we have given away free football shirts, free baseball caps, exclusive online casino offers, free bets at leading online bookies, free online bingo cards, enhanced football odds, free football betting systems and much much more.

To find out more about both software versions use the menu options towards the top of this page.

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